Sometimes, social media campaigns backfire!

Sometimes, social media campaigns backfire!

Have you seen Pitbull’s caffeine-infused “Energy Sheets” advertisements?


Walmart announced on Tuesday that they would send the Cuban-American rapper Pitbull to the store that received the most Facebook LIKES by July 15 (announcement is on 17th).

David Thorpe and Jon Hendren of Something Awful then started a campaign to #ExilePitbull to the most remote Walmart in America… ummm.. #2711 in “Kodiak Island”… near the Alaskan coast!

Right here!

And here is the screenshot of the action:


Can you guess what happened next?


The Walmart in Kodiak now has over 69,000 Facebook Likes – more than 10 times the population of the island.



Fortunately, Pitbull has a good sense of humor, he invited David Thrope to join him:


He better hold up his end of the deal!

Cue music.. Brazil, Morocco, London to Ibiza.. Vegas to A-las-kaaaaa!

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