Non-profit website design

Non-profit website design

Why you need a website

As a Not for Profit organization you have goals and you have activities to reach them.

Having a professional website with online donation option with the info about your organization like a story makes it very interesting and inspiring for the visitors to help and come back again. It will help you spread your organization’s message much easier and it will inspire people to volunteer and donate.

How you can benefit from it

People want to feel good when visiting Not for Profit web sites. Children, people in need, religion, animals displayed on the home page have a good story to tell. Giving the visitors a visual of what your organization is about with videos, audios and pictures will get them read more and more likely they will get involved. Plus with social networking (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.) you can take your networking to new levels and have fun while connecting/building your community.

Why work with us

Non profit organizations and charities depend on donations and the work and help of volunteers. And we know how to get things right. With 10 years work with Non-Profits here are some key points we would like highlight:

A non-profit website design requires a strong content management system. Because Non-Profit web site pages are usually written by combination of founders, volunteers, board members, employees and supporters. This is why their content management system (CMS) must be very efficient and easy to use – manage. And below are some of the key items we will be providing:

  • Easy content writing – easy to add & delete pages as well as menu items
  • Built in email marketing system
  • Online newsletter option
  • Online event registration / event tracker
  • Featured contents for home page
  • Traffic tracker – analyzer
  • Online surveys, polls

Ingredients of a good Non Profit web design

First look & feel

You need to make sure that your website looks clean. You want your visitors to have a positive experience while visiting. Consistent fonts throughout the site and appropriate colors are must. Site should deliver the message of the organization at a first glance. People should be able to see that this is a non profit website right away. Make sure you have a proper hosting and a good memorable domain name.

Clear mission statement

Make your mission statement clear and visible. This valuable piece of information is going to make a difference when it comes to how much donation your visitors will be making.

Ease of navigation

Your website should look attractive, but at the same time it should be simple and easy to navigate. The goal is to make the visit easy for the people. If people cannot easily navigate through your site, they’ll leave your site and probably won’t come back.

Clean content

Make sure that your content makes sense and armed with simple terms to explain everything about your organization to your visitors. For example say “We are a Non-Profit Organization” instead of “We are a NPO”

Make your site volunteer friendly

There are plenty of people out there passionate about what your organization is doing. You should make it easy for your visitors to find information on how they can get involved. You can:

  • list contact information of your volunteer organizer,
  • provide detailed information about volunteering directly,
  • list steps people can take on their own.

Providing multiple means of contact makes it easier for volunteers to get in touch, so include an email address, phone number, and a web contact form if you can.

Important: Absolutely list types of volunteer positions available.

Add multimedia

You should also implement some videos and pictures into the design. Actually as much as you can. People like to see things more than read about them. Use this to your advantage. You can help them understand what your organization is about better by using videos, presentations and photos.

Make your site media friendly

List your board of members and staff properly and provide a link to your logo so media can get all the information from one address. You don’t want to be featured with old information on media/blogs anyone with an audience. And make sure that it is indicated there that they can use this information without contacting your for permission.

News / events (updated content – activity)

Updated home page with current events and news section will save your visitors from wondering if your site/organization still active and running. Feel free to post pictures and videos of recent fundraisers / events. It gives people a reason to come back to your site.

Also sites with news /events sections will more likely to get linked and featured by other websites / blogs. Plus with social media you can feature to a broader audience and get more people to participate / involve in it. This increases the exposure for your site and will likely bring you more traffic. Not to mention regularly updated content increases your search engine visibility. This makes it easier for people actively looking for information related to your organization to find your site.

By selecting a reputable website company that has the expertise and longevity of how non profit website design works, your site will quickly catch the attention of web surfers and interested parties.

Last but not least.. Donations!

The harder it is to donate the less likely people are to go through with a donation. Use a single-page donation form if possible, with just one confirmation / thank you page.

You want it to be a simple and straight-forward process for people to give you money in a short period of time. Don’t require visitors to set up an account to donate.

Make sure your donation page is linked properly from your home page and only appears a single time on each page. If you want people to donate to your organization, you have to ask them to donate. By not asking, many people will probably think that you don’t really need donations.

Also explain exactly how donations are presently being used. You can even create a private page for “members only” to show a balance sheet and how the money is distributed.

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