Your exact needs, nothing more, nothing less

Go Digital! Automated form systems, product, process & inventory tracking, online polls, questionnaires, form databases.

We create forms from scratch. Employee/student/customer evaluation forms, order forms, time sheets.. you name it we’ll make it happen.

The process involves taking your existing paper based forms and completely transforming them into highly efficient interactive documents while maintaining the branding of your company.

We provide different solutions based on your needs. PDF Fill-able Forms and / or Online Forms. For example

  • Online Polls, Surveys, Questionnaires
  • Employee time sheets
  • Client intake forms
  • Customer order forms
  • Student / client evaluation forms
  • Technician work lists

Customer Relationship Management

Readily available CRM solutions are created to appeal to most businesses. However they are packed with variety of functions and features that may not be relevant to your organization. With a custom CRM software you get exactly what you want without any of the unnecessary options and triggers.

You get to use the full elements because you define them.

Training your team is easier

The CRM is designed based on the workflow that they are already familiar with plus with their feedback we can fit the software to your organization like a sock.

Best integration with your business operation

You have an opportunity to automate many areas of your business such as customer service, human resources, installation teams, technical support, clients, vendors etc. You business will run efficiently when the system is integrated across multiple departments.

We can help you:

  • Improve the speed and quality of customer response
  • Maximize revenue opportunities that enhance your profitability