New sites from scratch, re-design of old sites or add-ons to an existing site.
When a visitor hits your website, you’ve got 10 seconds to impress them with your professionalism before they click away to your competition. They need to see that your website is the place to be for their needs – and the design of your website is what provides them with the answer.

If you have an average website, you might get an average amount of business. However, if you have a professionally designed site that draws your visitor in, you can secure an extraordinary amount of business.

Young Seagull is committed to building you a website that is attractive and easy to navigate. Your website will whisper professionalism and success – a combination sure to attract new clients for your business.

To ensure complete satisfaction we build the site in a hidden folder under our domain allowing you access to each and every page prior to launch. This empowers you to offer creative feedback and input regarding desired changes from the comfort of your home or office.

Responsive Design

Not all websites are optimized for mobile viewing. Introduce, promote and market your business on portable devices on tablets and smart phones.

By offering your visitors a mobile version of your website, you will be extending your online marketing and reaching more potential customers.

A real Mobile Website Design is basically a “simplified” version of your website. Just easier to use and faster to download.

Additionally, search engines prioritize websites formatted for mobile phones, so these sites are receiving more traffic from the large population of smart phone users than other sites.


Doing business online shouldn’t be complicated

Sell your products/services online with Shopping carts – embedded into your website’s pages or in a separate shopping cart area

Take advantage of secure credit card processing with SSL Certificates, and manage your sales with online invoicing

Our e-commerce solutions will enable your business to sell products and services online and conveniently.

We can fully integrate your shopping cart with the payment gateway of your choice.

With the ability to process orders in real-time you will improve your competitive edge.

Tell us more about your needs, so we can assist you better.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Online Workshops / Courses

  • Custom “Members only” Sections
  • Online Calendars / Events
  • Online Polls, Surveys, Questionnaires
  • Customized CRM Systems
  • Online Order Forms
  • Online Employee Forms
  • Customized Contact Forms
  • Converting PDF Files to Online Pages
  • Fillable PDF Forms
  • Banner, Logo & Ad Design
  • Professional Blog Design
  • Multimedia Pages
  • Promotional Email Newsletters
  • Backup Services