Effective Ways of Transferring Domains

Effective Ways of Transferring Domains

In order for your website to be accessible on the internet it requires a “Domain Name”. This is the name that users type into their web browser to find your website – eg When you opt for a transfer do NOT change the name of your domain but use the same domain name to transfer to the new web hosting server.

Important: Ensure the domain is unlocked before going ahead with the transfer, and ensure the registrant email address for the domain is set to an address which you check as the authorization transfer request will be sent there.

Note that in general when transferring a domain name can take 48 hours or more for the transfer to fully take effect. During this time some people will see your old website, and some your new website. Similarly mail will still be delivered to both your old email accounts and your new ones – the actual time for this transition depends on the settings used by whoever is currently hosting the domain.

Set up your new email account so that all the emails, whether from the old domain or the new can be received in your mail box and you do not miss out on any new or old clientele. When everything starts functioning normally in the new domain, close the old account within a week with your old hosting company.

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