Do you need a maintenance plan?

Web maintenance plans are best suited for business that are growing fast but do not have the designated staff yet due to budgeting or the workload. If this is the case Young Seagull can be your integrated team – filling your needs in the interim.

maintenanceOur goal is to integrate content management system in a way that you can control your website without having to outsource it. Most of our clients choose to manage their website on their own and we fully encourage this.

Over the years we’ve characterized some of our customer’s maintenance needs into several different maintenance plans:


“I need someone to keep my site secure, update the system and take backups”

With this plan we generally ask minimum of 4 hours per month. In this scenario, we work on hourly basis for updates. Most updates can be completed within 48 hours and often within the same day.

Host with us and enjoy a fully incorporated hassle free plan. As a second option we can manage your relationship with your hosting provider for a nominal surcharge.


“We need regular updates but don’t have the staff to support us”

8 dedicated hours a month. Below are a few examples of the tasks we help our clients with:

  • Addition – deletion of pages, new/events, featured announcements

  • Addition of documents such as PowerPoint presentations, manuals, etc.

  • Online fill-able PDF files

  • Formatting of advanced content like tables and charts

  • Graphics design tasks like cropping and sizing photos, adding new galleries

  • Addition of new plug-ins, online forms, order forms, registration forms


“I have limited staff and I only need updates every now and then”

20 dedicated hours a month. We will be able to perform advanced customizations and integrations such as:

  • Regular plug-in updates

  • Once a week backups

  • Developing custom plug-ins or extending existing plug-in functionality

  • Online newsletters, e-mail campaigns

  • Addition of new plug-ins (polls, questionnaires)

  • Search engine optimization

  • Shopping cart management

  • Online workshop maintenance


Monthly Hours for Updates 4 hours 8 hours 20 hours
Priority Queue 48 hours 24 hours Same day
Full site and database backup Once a month Every 2 weeks Every week
System/plugin upgrades Once a month Every 2 weeks Every week
Security Audit and updates Once a month Once a week 24/7
Quarterly tune-ups checkmark_trans checkmark_trans checkmark_trans
Loading speed optimization checkmark_trans checkmark_trans checkmark_trans
Identify and fix broken links checkmark_trans checkmark_trans checkmark_trans
CMS/plugin updates checkmark_trans checkmark_trans checkmark_trans
Web form testing checkmark_trans checkmark_trans checkmark_trans
Technical SEO maintenance checkmark_trans checkmark_trans
Internal link analysis checkmark_trans checkmark_trans
Sitemap.xml updates checkmark_trans checkmark_trans
Monthly SEO & keyword update reports checkmark_trans
Google + and Bing Local search setup checkmark_trans
Setup and design custom headers for
social “business” pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+)
Site makeover/redesign checkmark_trans
Monthly website audits checkmark_trans


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